Why You Need An Accountant Who Thinks Outside The Box

Why You Need An Accountant Who Thinks Outside The Box
August 7, 2017 Toohey Reid

With today’s corporate marketplace more competitive than ever, business owners need to work extra hard to stay above their adversaries.

Constantly updating business processes and adapting to new technologies is vital to remaining one step ahead. An accountant who thinks outside the box can help with all of these things – plus more!

Here’s 7 reasons why you need an accountant who thinks differently:

1. They’ll keep you ahead of the competition

Rather than just crunching numbers, your accountant should be constantly looking for ways to keep your business ahead of its competition. This means thinking outside the box to come up with new and improved ways to control your finances, recognising possible challenges and putting processes in place to deflect any future mishaps.

2. They’ll allow your business to adapt

An accountant who constantly looks for ways your business can change and adapt to new financial processes is more valuable than one who sticks to traditional accounting methods. The first can help propel your business forward and stay ahead of your competitors, while the second will most likely make you fall behind. The corporate world is forever changing as technology develops and you business needs to change with it!

3. They’ll fix problems before they occur

Creative accountants are problem solvers, meaning they can offer advice and tips to solve any hiccups, plus detect where issues might arise in the future. A forward thinking accountant can help your business overcome current financial matters, as well as come up with innovative, cost-effective strategies to protect your business in the future.

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4. They know about the latest technology

An accountant who thinks outside the box is generally up-to-date on the newest software and stays on top of industry trends, which will help your business obtain every advantage possible. They will know how to undertake ground-breaking new processes without putting your business at risk.

5. Small ideas can make big changes

While you might not want a complete overhaul of your existing processes, an accountant who suggests small tweaks, such as trying a new product or a slightly different method of completing a task, can free up resources for new business opportunities.

6. They’ll maximise your work efficiency

A forward thinking accountant is generally a stellar organiser. They maintain paperwork, data charts and reports to the nth degree and can easily retrieve the information you need, therefore saving you time and money. Being super focused means they can dedicate more time to data analysis, thereby maximising efficiency.

7. They won’t falter at tax time

The end of the tax year is the most stressful time for accountants, but one who thinks outside the box doesn’t succumb to drama, even if things don’t add up. You don’t have to have sleepless nights as you know they’ll get everything sorted and submitted well before the deadline. You can leave your finances in their capable hands.

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