The benefits of an impartial business advisor

The Benefits of an Impartial Business Advisor
January 10, 2017 Toohey Reid

Hiring a business advisor is a big decision to make, and one that can seem slightly daunting for business owners.

Sharing your business strategies with a completely impartial third party is a big responsibility. However, if you want to evaluate your business needs and establish steps to success, it’s almost essential.

Here’s why:

1. They will give you an honest opinion

Hiring a business advisor means you are engaging a new and unbiased opinion. They will look at your whole business structure with fresh eyes and tell you outright what they see.

This can be particularly helpful if your business is struggling in any regard, as they’ll be able to pinpoint aspects that are at fault. These aspects may not have been noticed by you or your internal team because of an unintentional bias, and may not have been brought up by in-house staff for fear of being wrong.

Hiring an Impartial Business Advisor

2. You’re bringing in new expertise and experience

It is reasonable to assume that most people in your current business team have relatively similar skill sets, with varying levels of experience. While this is great for your business workflow and efficiency, it might not be the best for identifying underlying issues.

Business advisors are experts in growing businesses and building their success. Their varying skill sets and levels of experience means they will be able to provide intelligent recommendations for all aspects of your business, from management to budgeting, and everything in between.

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3. They will help you make a plan of attack

As well as sourcing the issues in your business structure, your advisor can help you fix them! This includes setting realistic, achievable goals for your business and implementing steps to work towards them. Having a plan to follow will help you feel more confident moving into the future.

Toohey Reid Business Accounting Holes in Corporate Structure

4. They will ease your stress

By doing all of the above, a business advisor will inadvertently be taking a huge load off your shoulders. Owning a business means carrying the full weight of your company’s problems, which can be extremely tiring. Passing part of the job onto a trained professional whose primary role is to create solutions will relieve you of stress and free up more time to work towards getting the results you want.

Toohey Reid Business Advisor

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