Dr. Peter Winstanley, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Peter Winstanley,
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Client Story

Toohey Reid look after my financial accounting and financial wellbeing. I’ve been working with them for almost 17 years and I can’t imagine working with anyone else. During that time, they’ve been very proactive. They always think outside the square and take care of my financial situation quickly.

We first started working with Toohey Reid because we weren’t happy with our previous accountant. It was a personal recommendation by a colleague.They were really happy with the service they were receiving at Toohey Reid and they had the same sort of problems we had, so we thought, why not give them a go? And we’ve never looked back since.

Toohey Reid have helped us solve lots of problems, but the biggest one has been our tax problem. They’ve been very good at organising my financial structure to minimise my tax legally and we’re very happy with the results.

The people at Toohey Reid are so easy to deal with and they make very few mistakes. We have several meetings throughout the year and we always know they’re available whenever we need to talk. They discuss what needs to be done long term and always come up with lots of helpful suggestions for improving our financial situation.

The best thing about working with Toohey Reid has been the continuity. There’s no rocking the boat. The team know us and our finances really well, and they always help us solve our problems. They’re also very good with my wife who does all the books and occasionally needs help with computer things.

We would definitely recommend Toohey Reid to other people.

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