Stuart Bruce, Combat Clothing Australia

Stuart Bruce,
Combat Clothing Australia

Client Story

Craig Carter has been my accountant for over 20 years. He’s not only a good bloke, but he’s also very professional and an excellent communicator. He fully understands our business and it’s an advantage having him on our side.

I always say that there are three people who run your business – your accountant, your lawyer and yourself. Craig has a key role when it comes to my future plans and my finances. I hold him with very high regard.

Craig was introduced to me through his boss at the time. His boss came looking for business and I was in a position to look for a very supportive accountant and it happened that he was perfect. We’ve never looked back.

Toohey Reid has helped me solve lots of problems. For example, controlling business growth and partnering that with financial capability and support from the bank. My accountant Craig was an intricate part of that. In looking at any sort of expansion, Craig will always be involved in that. He basically structured our business.

The best part about working with Craig from Toohey Reid is his communication skills and his professional knowledge of taxation and financial planning.

Absolutely we would recommend Toohey Reid! Because it’s a very professional organisation and I know that whoever I recommend would get looked after properly. They’re very professional in what they do.

You deserve better. Make a change today.


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