Enterprise Structure Engineering

Enterprise Structure Engineering

Can-do advice ensuring your business is structurally secure

Are you willing to lose everything because your current advisor is a can*t?

At Toohey Reid, we understand the challenges you’ve faced building your business from the ground up, and the years of dedication you put in to make it a success. But, what if your life’s work is built like a house of cards because your current advisor isn’t considering the full scope of financial, legal and business implications.

As business advisors with financial know-how, we’ve come across companies both large and small who, after following their advisors’ instructions, weren’t minimising risk or maximising opportunities to create wealth and retention. Quite simply, their advisors were putting things in the too-hard basket and saying “it can’t be done”.

But what if we told you, it can be done?

At Toohey Reid, we think differently. We are the experts in the designing, building and renovating of corporate structures for medium to large family business and successful professionals. We want to help you optimise tax, finance, wealth and superannuation while minimising risk.

Don’t let a can*t look after your business. It’s time to partner with an advisor who can.

The can*ts:

  • Can*t manage Div 7A (transfer tax)
  • Can*t protect your assets against litigation
  • Can*t control how much goes to the tax man
  • Can*t reorganise your corporate structure
  • You can*t make changes to improve your business
  • You can*t turn to your advisor for collaboration
  • You can*t talk to your advisor about portfolio strategy
  • You can*t talk to your advisor about business, just money
  • You can*t future-proof your business
  • You can*t optimise your current situation
  • You can*t engineer your own success

Imagine if you could:

  • Save hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in unnecessary transfer and related taxes
  • Protect your business from being exposed to bankruptcy due to unforeseen litigation
  • Redirect funds back into the business without tax consequences and risk exposure
  • Engineer your businesses, trusts and entities to work for you
  • Not only future-proof, but actively improve upon your business
  • Have an advisor who cares about your success
  • Have an advisor who understands the bigger picture, and doesn’t just react case-by-case
  • Have an advisor who takes a proactive and holistic approach
  • Implement strategies to safeguard your future
  • Leverage off our tried and tested approach
  • Work with us to regain control and engineer your own success, to think differently, think Toohey Reid.

Our Enterprise Structure Engineering service focuses on collaborating with you to make your business secure, from the ground up, ensuring lasting success. We believe a business needs to be built on solid foundations, have structural integrity and intelligent design flow. In business, this means mitigating risk, minimising government taxes, safeguarding your portfolio, decreasing expenditures and optimising wealth creation and retention.

It’s time to get a business advisor who can.

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