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You’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is now. Now it’s time for your business to work its hardest for you. Success is frequently in the execution. Whether looking at your supply chain’s impact on your cashflow, how your structures affect your tax position, or whether handing your business over to your kids could cause bigger problems, strategic choices are critical. Toohey Reid removes the guessing game from the strategic management of your business and personal assets.

Case Study: Wealth Building Strategies Case Study: Leveraging an SMSF

We help you secure your continued success by delivering integrated & innovative strategies to help you with:

  • Business Growth
  • Entities & Structures
  • Taxation Planning
  • Superannuation & SMSF’s

Taxation Planning, Super Structures.

Tax touches every aspect of your business and personal life, so it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure that you always get the best, legal, outcome. At Toohey Reid, we work with high net worth businesses and individuals to reduce their risk, while identifying ways to deliver the most effective outcomes.

Likewise, Self Managed Super has allowed us to take control of our financial future, but the reality is that without a well informed SMSF strategy, structure and execution, you will be worse off. So get on the right track with Toohey Reid’s specialists – we’ve had years of experience in helping our clients minimise risk and maximise returns.

“I’ve been working with Toohey Reid for almost 17 years and I can’t imagine working with anyone else. During that time, they’ve been very proactive. They always think outside the square and take care of my financial situation quickly.”

Dr. Peter Winstanley, Surgeon

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Powerful SMSF Strategies

Below are small samples of our powerful SMSF strategies implemented by our self managed superannuation fund accountants in Brisbane CBD. Imagine what your SMSF can do!

  • Did you know an SMSF allows you to receive a tax deduction to pay off debt?
  • Did you know an SMSF allows you to receive a tax deduction to buy investments?
  • Did you know you can double the tax deductible super contributions you make in a year because you have an SMSF?
  • Did you know that your SMSF can continue even after you die and you can leave large tax benefits to your spouse or children?
  • Did you know an SMSF can be dramatically leveraged for growth using non SMSF assets?
  • Did you know business owners and professionals can structure geared superannuation investments so the income is received in Superannuation, at low tax rates (0 – 15%) and the interest expense is deducted outside of superannuation at high tax rates (up to 49%)? This is gearing “Supercharged”.
  • Did you know the rate of tax after the age of 60 can be zero?

SMSF Responsibilities

Of course operating an SMSF comes with legal obligations for the trustees which means specialist advice from our self managed superannuation fund accountants in Brisbane CBD is important.

Did you know that your SMSF is not covered by your will and therefore needs its own estate plan?

Did you know that a new penalty regime applies from 1 July 2014, providing serious consequences for breaching your obligations as an SMSF trustee? Do you know what your obligations are?

Did you know that you need a current investment strategy before making or changing any SMSF investments?

If your self managed superannuation fund accountant in Brisbane or SMSF specialist hasn’t been talking to you about these opportunities and issues, it’s time to engage the Self Managed Super Funds Specialist.

Specialist Medico Superannuation Fund

Toohey Reid and the team of SMSF specialists in Brisbane CBD have developed advanced structures and taxation strategies to address the specific issues confronting the medical profession.

Medical specialist and general practitioners are provided with advanced bespoke advice utilising the Toohey Reid “Specialist Medico Superannuation Fund” as the central structure in maximising wealth creation opportunities and minimising risk both inside of and outside of the fund.

Our SMSF Strategies for the Medical Profession include Wealth Building, drawing on our Specialist Medico Super Fund Strategies to utilise:

  • Supercharged gearing wherein the income and assets are in the low taxed and asset protected SMSF while debt and interest expense is in the high tax non SMSF environment.
  • Increasing tax efficient superannuation contributions for both the Medico and their spouse far beyond what most non Specialist advisors – imagine is allowed and achievable.
To find out more about how our self managed superannuation fund accountants in Brisbane CBD can help maximise the potential of your SMSF, contact us today on (07) 3221 1055.

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