Rapid Reporting

Rapid Reporting
October 17, 2017 Toohey Reid

Rapid Reporting is an innovative online reporting service that gives you a clear snapshot of your business’ past, present and future position.

The key features include:

  • Immediate access to data about your business’ growth, performance and budget.
  • The ability to consolidate information from multiple entities in order to provide you with a concise and accurate picture of your group’s overall performance.
  • The ability to measure specific, personalised indicators such as the performance of your staff, customer satisfaction or occupancy.
  • The ability to incorporate leads (such as calls and appointments) to provide you with a forecast of your business’ position at a future date.

How it works

Your Toohey Reid advisor uses Rapid Reporting to design specific reports about your business while continuously dragging information from your systems.
All you need to do is tell us what information you want, and Rapid Reporting can provide you with a clear and up-to-date analysis of your business’ performance.

Rapid Reporting


A number of our clients enjoy the tax and asset protection benefits of structuring their businesses and assets through multiple legal entities. However, this type of structuring can produce a confusing volume of information, as each entity has its own set of financial reports. By consolidating information from all of the entities in your business, Rapid Reporting can eliminate the need to review and compare financial statements for multiple entities, and provide you with a clear picture of a business’ overall performance.

Bank reporting made easy – consolidated periodic reporting with built-in lending covenant ratio checks.

Custom-made for your business
Rapid Reporting produces bespoke reports to provide you with the information relevant to your business’ industry. This allows you to cut out any of the stock standard financial information that is irrelevant to your business.

Rapid Reporting can combine non-financial data with financial data to give you a picture of your business that most accounting firms can’t.

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For example, Rapid Reporting can show you the following

  • The effect of a marketing campaign on sales.
  • How the number of client leads you have in a particular month will affect your sales at a future point in time.
  • For businesses such as restaurants, Rapid Reporting can combine financial data with non-financial data such as the number of seatings per table each night. This information can be built up over time to provide you with an analysis of changes to your restaurant’s customers and their spending habits.

The product allows us to have a conversation about your business’ performance in the terms that are important to you. Instead of just focusing on gross and net profit, percentages and income, Rapid Reporting allows us to measure and forecast your business’ performance in the language relevant to your particular business.

For example, if you’re in the hospitality industry and you want to know the number of tables your restaurant needs to seat each night to break even, Rapid Reporting can drill down into the data and provide you with that specific information.

General Advice Disclaimer

General advice warning: The advice provided is general advice only as, in preparing it we did not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. Before making an investment decision on the basis of this advice, you should consider how appropriate the advice is to your particular investment needs, and objectives. You should also consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before making any decision relating to a financial product.

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