Carol Bailey, Milton Business Centre

Carol Bailey,
Milton Business Centre

Client Story

Toohey Reid provide us with a full accounting service. We have several companies. They’re very easy to talk to and there is always someone available whenever we need assistance. We’ve been with them for almost 10 years, which is quite a long time! They’ve been very good.

We chose Toohey Reid over other accounting firms because they offer quarterly meetings where we can discuss our business. They really do understand our business and our needs. They don’t just look at the figures; they think of the business as a whole as well. They’re very hands on and always give us ways to improve our finances. They’re also very easy to contact. There is always somebody there. It’s immediate service.

Toohey Reid have helped us with lots of problems. They even helped us to set up a new company with their accounting package. They helped us fill the whole thing and started it off for us, which was really good. They also advise you on who to speak to for wills and things like that.

The people at Toohey Reid are very organised. They’re friendly and proactive. They’ll think of things for you, before you need to. They also deal with the tax office for you. All the scary things – they take care of it.

I think the best part about working with Toohey reid is actually having someone you can speak to who knows about your business. They have great relationships with their clients. They take an interest in the businesses they’re looking after. It’s a very personalised service.

We have recommended them to other friends who have a similar businesses to ours and we will continue to do so.

You deserve better. Make a change today.


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